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Mantaray Island Resort


Our favourite place we've visited on our travels so far - the place, the people, the weather, the food, the diving. We booked in for 1 night and stayed for 6, we would of stayed for longer if we were able. Could EASILY live there!

We're going to go into more detail about Mantaray and write each day as a separate post, simply because we like talking about it so much. soz.


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Korovou Eco Resort

Nothing really 'eco' about the resort - it was nicer than Nabua though and had a freshwater pool, which was a bonus!

I did some snorkeling in the reef, whilst Charles added another couple of coats to her already brown skin.

Korovou had a stunning beach when the tide was in, but when it went out, it was mostly ugly rocks n seaweed - a little bit disappointing.

At dinner, we met an American woman and our friends we'd made in Nabua came from the neighbouring resort for an after dinner game of 'arsehole' - they couldn't get enough of it! A chinese girl also joined in - she was good with numbers and learnt fast. shock. (For the benefit of the arsehole playing community, I have now introduced the game to Germany, USA and China - operation expansion is underway!

The American lady had just come from Mantaray Island Resort, a resort that we'd heard great things about and was also our next stop. She told us we'd have a nice time there, she couldn't have underestimated it more.....

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Nabua Lodge

We arrived just after lunch time for our 2
night stay at Nabua and the first taste we got of the resort was spag-bol + pineapple. An interesting combination I know, but we were too hungry to even think about what it tasted like!

Out of all the resorts you can stay at when island hopping, Nabua is the cheapest, but it's run by the local villagers so has bags of Fijian character. Combine that with 30° water and a stunning beach and you've got yourselves a winner!


  • Got upgraded the first night
  • Snorkelling trip to the blue lagoon
  • Epic nap in hammock
  • Bula Dancing with the crazy Sarah at night
  • Trip to the local village - They were having a fundraising event for their new church so we were treated to lots of Fijian home cooking and their dancing, which is interesting to say the least.
  • Introducing the game of Arsehole to Fiji


  • Only 2hrs sleep as no fans/air con in the rooms. Very spicy.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Nearly all food in Fiji will come with pineapple
  2. They throw the word 'Bula' round a lot!


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Fiji - Nadi

1 night at Smugglers Cove.

When we arrived into Fiji, we got some info at the airport about the Bula Pass (the ticket you need to island hop). Turns out that if we'd bought the pass in NZ we would of paid the same amount quoted in Fiji, but in NZ$ instead of FJ$ - BIG saving made already. So we bought our passes and would depart on our 10 day island-hop first thing in the morning.

Smugglers Cove's a cool hostel, its right on the beach with a good atmosphere and a nice beach bar.
We met a funny american (rare commodity) - he was an aspiring stand up comedian and after a few beers & lashings of peer pressure, he was soon standing up and telling us gags.

Off to bed for a busy day!

Nadi to Nabua Lodge

The boat we were getting - The Yasawa Flyer II departs at 8.30am (we were up at 6am though for showers and all that lark) every day, calling at all 24 resorts in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island groups before returning home to Port Denerau at 5.30pm.

We were going to Nabua Lodge, which is the furthest point north possible and our boat ride took about 4.5hrs. I will also note, that in that 4.5hr timeframe, Charlie turned from a nice golden brown colour to a rich mahogany. I on the other hand gained 4 freckles and a pasty glow. Not fair.


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We stayed 1 night at Base Auckland, arrived about 11am to our room without a window or working door - This lesson 'you get what you pay for' keeps cropping up.

Weather was nice so we wanted to do something outside, so off we went for a trip to the zooooo!!
Caught a bus there & back and entrance was only $10 each so a cheap day out really. Twas a nice zoo, big enclosures and we finally got to see NZ's national animal; the Kiwi (essentially a fat chicken/dodo looking thing with no defense, can't fly or run particularly fast and won't reproduce - I wonder why it's on the endangered species list???

That night we found an awesome little international food market and had a couple of great cheap meals - a taste of whats to come in Asia!

Off to bed, ready for our flight to Fiji in the morning!


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